In 1989 I started construction on the studio. Being a guitarist, I had
always wanted a recording studio of my own so that I could record my
own album someday. Since I grew up with a background in construction,
I was able to provide all of the labor to build it which saved money but
took about eight years to complete. The walls are constructed of concrete
blocks which have been filled with sand from top to bottom to isolate
outside noise. The interior walls have been acoustically treated to control
reflections and provide rooms that are suitable for making good recordings.
   In 2011 the control room was completely remodeled and rewired to
make room for a new Tascam Dm-3200 digital console.
  The studio is available for recording small projects. I mainly specialize in
instrumental recordings, Karaoke recordings i.e adding your vocal to
a soundtrack and Jingle production. If you would like to book studio time,
please feel free to contact me.

Frank Fickling