I was born at an early age...on July 19, 1961 in Sumter South
Carolina. For as long as I can remember I have always had a
fascination and a love for music but especially for the guitar. When
I was twelve years old my Mom agreed to pay for guitar lessons if I
promised to practice. For the next year or so I took lessons....and
practiced....alot! I was progressing pretty well for my age but my
musical direction soon changed when I discovered Chet Atkins. I
remember I was sitting in a local movie theatre waiting for the
movie to start and listening to the music they would play before the
show. I heard what I thought were two guitarists playing “Autumn
Leaves” and was mesmerized by the smooth and beautiful tone
they were getting. I later found out that it was one guitarist playing
both parts at the same time! I was hooked. I threw away my
straight pick, bought a thumbpick and proceeded to buy every Chet
Atkins album I could find. I was also influenced by other musicians
at the time such as The Beatles, John Denver, James Taylor and
many other fingerstyle guitarists. In the 80’s I studied music at
Belmont University in Nashville Tennesee and then went on to work
at Carowinds theme park playing over 300 shows in an outdoor
country music show. I am available for special events, restaurants
or weddings and would love the opportunity to play for you.

Frank Fickling